I will start this blog out with a little about myself! I’m a 19 year old, female, who loves anything outdoors! You may be wondering, why is a 19 year old running a mental health page? Well, since you asked, I was diagnosed with Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD at the age of 16. I learned then that what everyone was chalking up to be me being a bitch was really just my brain struggling since I was 9. At 9 years I suffered a childhood trauma which in turn caused all the mental health problems. Luckily no physical ones, though! I fight daily just for control over my own thoughts and emotions. I want other men and women to know they aren’t alone. The battles you’re fighting, I promise at least one person understands them. I’m on a path to show everyone that they’re okay despite the thoughts in their head! Although, mental disorders will not be the only thing discussed on this blog! We will be posting about daily life struggles, successes, and triumphs, life advice, and so much more! Stay tuned.

Per my last post; I will be posting daily but will be changing the times the first couple days in order to see when is the best time to post!